Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guns and the Constitution

A lot of hardcore gun enthusiasts keep clinging to their expert interpretation of the Second Amendment. I have two main points to make:

1. If you're so hellbent on the fact that the Second Amendment needs to be interpreted literally or "as is," then...can I join your well regulated Militia?

2. Are you as super passionate about the 14th Amendment, and its validity and wisdom in its current state, as you are about the Second Amendment? Because the 14th Amendment implies that I, a woman, do not have the right to vote. And I have a huge problem with that, as do most women, and then you really are going to need those assault weapons to protect yourself from us poking your eyes out with our stilettos.

Once again, I'm not saying that the extreme gun-lovers of America don't have any valid points in this argument. I'm saying their overall reasoning is shoddy.

And, on a positive note, I am loving the small but growing voice of the gun owners who want to reform and improve gun control. Their voice is the most valuable of all.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The NRA must be stopped

It's been a long while since I've posted. Call it an election hangover. I think most of us needed a break from politicking, no matter how much or how little we were involved this year. But the end to this break is long overdue. We're back, y'all!

I just went to post something to Facebook and then remembered that I started this blog for a specific purpose, and that is to stop inciting useless fights consisting of poorly-reasoned five-word arguments on a social network and post at least a paragraph or two to make a real point and start a real conversation. Even if no one visits the blog but me.

The National Rifle Association, God bless them, has gone off the deep end. Liberals have always been wary of the NRA, since the ushering in of the "New Guard" of their leadership, but personally I just didn't know what to make of them. My feelings toward them, not individual members but the leadership and organization as a whole, were those of general dislike. In light of the Sandy Hook school shootings, however, their statements have dropped to a whole new level of evil. Yes, evil. 

Hey NRA: how about you spin Biden's gun control talks as, oh I don't know, "White House Has 'Agenda To Prevent Innocent People From Being Murdered As They Go About Their Daily Lives'," you horrible, paranoid fear-mongers.

For extra good measure read the original press release from the NRA: Statement From the National Rifle Association of America Regarding Today's White House Task Force Meeting

As one of the commenters on the NPR website pointed out, one of the highlights of the press release is the quote, "...we will now take our commitment and meaningful contributions [emphasis HTBB] to members of Congress of both parties..." Are you trying to buy off Congressmen, NRA?

Dear NRA leaders: how would you explain your positions to the parents of each of the children killed at Sandy Hook? The Aurora, Colorado theater shooting? The Sikh temple in Wisconsin? Virginia Tech? Columbine High School? 

We, liberals, are just asking for background checks, limits on assault rifles, and investigations when some nobody buys 8,000 high-capacity magazines at one time. 

NRA: we're coming after you with sound reasoning and smart policies. Thanks for the ammo.