Thursday, March 1, 2012

I hope Rush is sleeping on the couch tonight

Rush Limbaugh, you have reached a new low. The twitterverse/blogosphere is all over this, and I don't have enough time tonight to add anything intelligent to the conversation, so I'll leave you with this: 

Never forget who's really in charge when it comes to sex. Mr. Limbaugh and like-minded misogynists often forget that, in order to have heterosexual intercourse, they need women. Ladies - be empowered. Gentlemen - be humbled and grateful for the women in your life.

Mr. Limbaugh has the audacity to call a young woman advocating for access to birth control a "slut"? See my previous post - this type of thinking is both repulsive and illogical. His behavior and comments are unacceptable. The saddest part is that Mr. Limbaugh has a decent resume of charity work, yet drowns it out with ridiculous hate speech.

You spoke of "Feminazis," Mr. Limbaugh? Well, your recent comments just increased their membership tenfold.